Unions demand sterile workers

unions demand sterile workers

This was another foreign imported protest, like the Black Lives Matter protest in Queen Street, during the Auckland COVID lockdown. Or like the Muslim Brotherhood & trade union backed protest in Queen Street. The global corporates, like McDonalds and Starbucks, don’t like paying their 17 and 18 year old workers maternity leave, so they need state paid abortions to keep their profits high. This is where the trade unions, who manage their employees,  campaigning to bring in cheap foreign workers, earn their role. If the unions demand sterile workers, the government is obligated to provide them.

Since the godless unions claim babies in the womb are not human, it’s fine to kill them and drag them out so they don’t cost the global corporates any money in maternity leave or child care.  The woman can get back to work immediately.

Unions demand sterile workers

Today the union based Antifa were backed by the foreign imported International Socialist Organisation. Remember Jacinda Ardern lead the International Union of Socialist Youth just over a decade ago.

Unions demand sterile workers

Under the godless socialist state, women’s bodies belong to the global corporates. Those who are not productive for actual work can be protituted out to earn maximum tax money for state administration expenses. Everyone knows sex sells, so why shouldn’t the state get the maximum taxation available from women’s bodies?

But mistakes happen, and naturally the state does not want to pay childcare, which means abortions should be mandatory for state employees.

And let’s be honest, a godless society equates people as just evolved animals, to be trained to provide income for their masters.

Not all union backed Antifa protesters in Wellington were on the pro-abortion message though, some were a bit confused, like this poor thing who turned up with a sign wanting state paid child care and at pro-abortion rally. Maybe they were a right-wing Trump supporter who infiltrated Wellington Antifa?

Unions demand sterile workers

A clip from the protest where the Unions demand sterile workers is below:


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