Union activists advocating military training

Why do we have a violent youth underclass in New Zealand in 2022? We have today’s youth culture of violence because of union activists advocating military training of those who dislike the government! You can see many of today’s big Jacinda Ardern advisors, including Joe Carolan, them defending the 2008 terrorists in the mini-doco below defending military weapons training for anti-government protesters!

A mini-doco published promoting armed training for those who disagree with Government policies and western or Christian values.

Starring (in order of appearance):
Emily Bailey
Urs Signer
Valerie Morse
Jamie Lockett
Omar Hamed
Tame Iti
Michael Bott
John Minto
Helen Te Hira
Joe Carolan
Annette Sykes
Barry Wilson
Vijay Divadas
Paul Buchanan
Nicky Hager
and more

Terrorism Suppression Act – Byron Clark and others have campaigned to allow tribes to train with weapons against this country’s government.

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