#Covidcock the new #FearPorn of NZ’s political left

#Covidcock the new #FearPorn

Is #Covidcock the new #FearPorn of NZ’s political left?

The “Debunking Conspiracies Aotearoa” site claims to “We debunk the junk on social media and expose New Zealand’s biggest super-spreaders of disinformation” while being another psudo-trade union front to promote Labour Party policy, like vaccinations!

According to Jacinda Ardern, the WEF’s saviour of the world, if you have the vaccine, you won’t get sick, and you won’t die!

Come to New Zealand, where after your university degree, you gain the wisdom of the left: Covid infects your penis if you don’t get vaccinated.

#Covidcock the new #FearPorn

What these NZ genius’ forgot to read was the actual study which states that the patient studied HAD COVID, which you are more likely to have long term and repeatedly, if you HAVE THE VACCINES!

A new study has found Covid virus in penis tissue a month after acute infection, ‘residing’ in a area called the corpus cavernosum: an area responsible for creating and maintaining an erection:

‘The corpus cavernosa and the corpus spongiosum make reproduction possible. The blood that fills these spongy tissues makes your penis hard enough to penetrate the vagina during sexual intercourse. Muscle tissue also helps with the contractions…

Contains epithelial cells…we all know the hell that Covid causes in epithelial cells…what a nightmare: Covid cock

The current study looked at penises of men infected with Covid previously for a month and found the virus inside in the corpora cavernosa as well as signs of fibroblasts, which are belived to result due to wound healing….”

Comments were gold:

All the sham & drudgery its still a bootiful world @enya_hoo
Replying to @DCANZ2
LOLllllllllllllllllll especially those ones who were bragging about their ‘pure semen’ thier purity will get them no where if they cannot get it up.
Philipe N Passaran @PhilipePassaran
Replying to @DCANZ2
If true covid has done the human race a big favour ?
Earl Mardle @rlmrdl
Replying to @DCANZ2
A tiny prick in their arm might just save the tiny prick in their pants. There, I’ve said it. Where is my tribe?
I Like Eggs @ILikeEggsNZ
Replying to @DCANZ2
When you consider which groups are catching Covid the most, it’s not the unvaxxed who need to worry about your little #covidcock.
Or peri/myocarditis, which is a boner.
Sorry you can’t get those now.
covidcock the new fearporn
We will never know if the threat of #COVIDCOCK increased the uptake of the vaccines amongst New Zealands “manly men”.

However, the #Covidcock the new #FearPorn fans neglect to read to the end of the study to see that after 7 months there’s no further damage to testies.



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